The Predator is coming to Ubisoft's 'Ghost Recon Wildlands'

From Engadget - December 13, 2017

"At Ubisoft Paris, we have been fans of the Predator for a long time and are thrilled to bring such an iconic character to our game" said Ubisoft senior producer Nouredine Abboud in a statement. "The challenge is full of references to the original Predator movie, and we cannot wait to see the reaction of our players!"

The new Predator content will appear as an event for solo or co-op players (up to four) in the game, and while defeating it will be a difficult task, you will earn exlusive items like a mask with Predator vision. You can also buy a Predator Pack via the in-game store, which contains 15 new customized items, including movie-inspired weapons and a close combat move. Plus, Ghost War PVP mode will get a new soldier inspired by Dutch himself, who will be able to engage a "battle rage" berserker mode as well.


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