China accused of 'unjustifiable' DNA sample collection

From Engadget - December 14, 2017

According to the Xinjiang government website, the data -- taken from everyone between the age of 12 and 65 -- will be linked to household registration cards (hukou), which already limits residents' access to healthcare, housing and education. The government document states that "regulating the management of identification cards is the foundation to creating a basic population database, based on one's ID numbers, for the autonomous region".

However, HRW claims compulsory biodata collection has "particularly abusive potential" and "hardly seems justifiable as a security measure" considering the extensive controls already implemented in the Xinjiang region. According to Sophie Richardson, China director for HRW, "Chinese authorities seem to think they can achieve 'social stability' by placing people under a microscope, but these abusive programs are more likely to deepen hostility towards the government".


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