CDC barred from using 'science-based' in budget documents

From Engadget - December 16, 2017

CDC's senior officials in charge of its budget have apparently revealed the new edict to the agency's policy analysts in a 90-minute meeting. WaPo's source said attendees could not believe what they were hearing, especially since the administration did not even offer an explanation. While the CDC could come up with workarounds, this will make it a lot tougher for its divisions to report about their work in a factual manner and could ultimately impact the funding of health initiatives.

Can you imagine working on reproductive health or diseases affecting pregnant women like Zika and not being able to use the word "fetus?" How will a health worker focusing on LGBT issues refer to transgender health concerns without being able to use the word "transgender?" "Vulnerable" is commonly used when referring to diseases and populations.

And then there's "science/evidence-based." It's typically used to indicate treatments, programs and approaches backed by available evidence from scientific research. It's also a term used to discredit pseudoscience and quack medical theories. In fact, there's a medical approach called "evidence-based medicine," which the National Institutes of Health describes as "conscientious, explicit, judicious and reasonable use of modern, best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients."


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