Smart display button puts GIFs on your shirt

From Engadget - December 17, 2017

Also, you are not just limited to your own creations.You can find buttons art from others' collections, follow creators you like, receive streams and send conversations.And yes, there are paid buttons -- you can donate to a cause at the same time as you endorse it.The button might even get you out of trouble, as you there's a panic mode that will send an emergency message and your location to as many as four other people.

The BEAM button is available now, but there's a catch: it's $99.That can buy a lot of conventional buttons, and those wo not run out of energy.You will contribute $3 to a charity when you buy, though, and this is certainly a viable option if you'd rather draw your own artwork than track down an elusive button that expresses your exact thoughts.


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