An Ode to the Perfect Ponchos of the Star Wars Universe

An Ode to the Perfect Ponchos of the Star Wars Universe
From Gizmodo - December 17, 2017

Last night, I finally saw The Last Jedi, and now that the dust has cleared all I can think about is Star Wars fashion. No spoilers here, but plenty of ponchos.

The poncho is an odd piece of clothing in that its simultaneously awful and amazing. Its an incredibly practical means to protect ones self from inclement weather, but in most iterations it looks like youre wearing a giant brown paper bag over your torso. A well-tailored poncho can do something interesting to your silhouette, offering it a rugged, airy, formless look, but thats rare to see in real life.

Not in Star Wars, though. People in the Star Wars universe love ponchos. And they pull them off.

The original poncho wearer is, of course, Luke Skykwalker himself. Most of the fashion of the Star Wars universe derives from the fact that the first and most iconic setting for the franchise is a desert. The most recognizable pieces of Star Wars fashionsearth tones, loose, flowing tunicsare clothes that would be practical to wear in the desert. And the poncho serves that purpose while also being part of the visual iconography of the Spaghetti Western, a reference Lucas consciously brought to bear when crafting Star Wars.

Luke doesnt wear his poncho for very long in A New Hope. Hes wearing it when he calls the Millennium Falcon a hunk of junk, but I honestly cant remember if the image above is from the movie or a deleted scene or set picture. At any rate, he wears it just enough to make an impact.

Ponchos take a break for The Empire Strikes Backnot exactly great Hoth wearbut from then on, ponchos are absolutely everywhere in Star Wars. Nobody in this universe has ever seen a situation that couldnt be improved by a poncho. And heres the weird, shocking secret about Star Wars: almost everyone looks amazing in these ponchos. These are the best ponchos in the world.

First and foremost, of course, are the camouflage ponchos worn by the Rebels on Endor, which are both rugged and eminently sensible.

Every image of Carrie Fisher in that poncho should be placed in a time capsule for future generations and possible alien invaders to witness. Its the epitome of human culture and fashion at its best.

In The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon Jinn introduces the poncho as standard Jedi wear, in a look that is so voluminous it can only be described as pre-snuggie.


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