'Rainbrow' is an iPhone X game you play with your eyebrows

From Engadget - December 18, 2017

Oh, and did we mention you play by raising your eyebrows to move up, frowning to move down, and staying expressionless to keep stationary. We have seen some big names updating their apps to account for the iPhone X's notch, and plenty of ARKit apps to boot, but nothing quite like Rainbrow. It may seem a bit gimmicky at first, but you can expect more facially-controlled games like this in the future. Meanwhile, Gitter tells MacRumors that he plans to integrate Apple's Game Center to add multiplayer gaming soon.

Security concerns have plagued the Apple's iPhone X, and Rainbrow reportedly makes sure to point out that it only uses TrueDepth data for gameplay purposes. Reports have previously alleged that Apple is sharing Face ID data with developers, who could then sell it to third parties. Apple's policies forbid this type of data-sharing, and the company claims that even it ca not access your info, which is securely stored in an encrypted enclave on the iPhone X.


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