Blue Origin might launch a manned New Shepard flight in 2018

From Engadget - December 20, 2017

The recent test fight carried 12 experiments from paying customers to space and is the first flight for the New Shepard launch system in a year. Blue Origin always intended to use its technology for space tourism, but like its peers it still has to conduct test flights before its spacecraft can start blasting off with paying civilians. Based on Ashby's statetment, though, the company still is not 100 percent sure of its timeframe, so its manned mission could be delayed. Ashby said:

"We are probably a year and a half, two years out from when we are actually able to fly tended payload. We are about roughly a year out from human flights, depending on how the test program goes. We have a bunch more tests to do, and we'e going to fly some human test flights before we put paying people in the rocket."


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