DHS's facial scanning program may be inaccurate and illegal

From Engadget - December 21, 2017

The report, authored by three lawyers at the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law, says that the pilot is currently at nine US airports to scan the faces of travelers leaving the country. The face scans are then compared to DHS's biometric database to their identity, ostensibly to prevent anyone from being impersonated. According to the report, the system could cost up to one billion dollars, though it also states that Congress nor DHS have not justified the need for such a program. In fact, the authors say that the DHS itself has questioned the value such a "biometric air exit" system would actually provide for the cost.

Further, the report notes that Congress has not clearly authorized the collection of biometrics from US citizens via facial recognition technology. "DHS should not be scanning the faces of Americans as they depart on international flightsbut DHS is doing it anyway," wrote the authors. "DHS also is failing to comply with a federal law requiring it to conduct a rulemaking process to implement the airport face scanning programa process that DHS has not even started."


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