Samsung SmartSuits help speed skaters train for the Winter Olympics

From Engadget - January 3, 2018

Each SmartSuit has five sensors that feed live body position metrics down to the millimeter back to the national coach's Galaxy S8 smartphone. There, a custom app ingests the data and calculates each racer's body position as they make turns on the ice. The coach can use the app to send a vibrating buzz to the suit's wrist -- say, as a prearranged signal to adjust position.

These are training-only suits, so you wo not see the Dutch skaters don them in PyeongChang when the Winter Games start on February 9th, 2018. They are tailor-made for each athlete, so do not expect them to show up in retail anytime soon -- though tracking your own metrics to improve your own fitness would be a lot more useful than the NFC-packed 'Smart Suit' concepts that Samsung was promoting at CES last year.


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