Lenovo Thinkpad X1 hands-on: A meatier, more useful update

From Engadget - January 8, 2018

All three X1s are also equipped with twin far-field microphones that can hear you from up to four meters (about 13 feet) away, so you can shout at Cortana from across the room if you wish. At my demo here in Vegas, the Thinkpad X1 Yoga was able to hear me and Lenovo's reps from at least 12 feet away. Those who do not like using Cortana will be glad to know Lenovo will be including the Amazon Alexa app for PCs on the new Thinkpad X1s by the end of January, so you could be saying "Alexa" instead of "Hey Cortana".

At last year's CES, I mentioned that the Thinkpad X1's screens were not as colorful as the competition. Lenovo must have noticed, because the new Thinkpad X1 Carbon's and Yoga's screens are sumptuously vibrant. Dolby's Vision HDR standard is not commonly used in the consumer tech industry, which is still struggling to agree on a common definition for displays. In cinema, however, Dolby is well-established and the Thinkpad panels rendered rich colors, with nuanced gradients, deep blacks and high contrast. I especially dug the matte coating on the screen, which helped minimize glare and did not affect the generous viewing angles.


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