Kids are overusing iPhones, warn two Apple investors

From Engadget - January 8, 2018

In the letter, the groups Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers' Retirement System (Calstrs) asked Apple to add safety features into iOS enabling parents to set limits on young user phone use. So many kids, of all ages, are using the company's devices, but we are just beginning to see how heavy smartphone use impacts children and teens: The letter cited existing studies with several negative conclusions, from increased distraction in the classroom to higher risk of depression and suicide. Therefore, the two groups requested the company conduct research themselves the effects of heavy use on youth mental health.

Jana and Calstrs appealed to Apple' reputation of innovation, suggesting they introduce solutions before more evidence links youth smartphone overuse to negative consequences. Obviously, this action would be in both investors' and the company's interests to ward off any stock dips resulting from negative publicity.


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