Foreo's UFO is a vibrating puck that makes facial sheet masks better

From Engadget - January 8, 2018

There are benefits to having these extras when applying a sheet mask -- the heat opens up your skin's pores to help you better absorb the juicy goodness. A light ring on the UFO also glows red, green and blue to signal whether you are in the heat, vibrate or cool phases respectively. But they also offer other benefits. The red light is supposed to stimulate collagen production to counter signs of aging, the green brightens a dull complexion while the blue is supposed to fight bacteria and promote blood circulation. According to Foreo, anyway.

After I tried out a 90-second facial on half of my made-up face, I did notice a lot less residue left on my face compared to what I typically see after a 20-minute mask. This makes me think that the heat did help my skin absorb more of the mask, but it could also be the fact that the UFO's sheet is so much smaller than a traditional mask. It's also easier to ensure that areas of my face that are not typically covered by sheet masks, like the corners of my nose and around my mouth, got some mask goodness. Beyond that, I could not tell if there was much of a difference in results from using UFO compared to my usual sheet masks.

Still, the whole experience was immensely comfortable. The UFO will only go up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and down to 40 degrees, so your skin wo not get scorched. I thought that having to rub the device all over my face would be troublesome, but since it's only for 90 seconds, I was not too bothered. I think the only reason to pick a traditional sheet mask over the UFO is if you are feeling extremely lazy and want to put on a mask, lay down and not have to physically exert yourself at all.


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