Corsair's wireless gaming keyboard has a 75-hour battery life

From Engadget - January 9, 2018

It's also encrypted to protect you from wireless eavesdropping and can wireless connect to your computer either via Bluetooth or a wireless dongle. But if you ca not entirely trust a wireless keyboard to get you through an important raid or battle, you can also plug it in with a USB cord.

Corsair has also launched the MM1000 Qi wireless charging mousepad, which can charge your mouse while you use it. The pad can charge any other Qi-compatible device, though, even smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhones 8 and X. In addition, it comes with a USB Micro-B, Type-C and Lightning Qi charging adapters that you can use to charge other gadgets that do not come with built-in Qi.


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