CES begins: Smart fridges, accessibility tech and really big TVs

From Engadget - January 9, 2018

The biggest news that came out of a day of CES press conferences? LG executives pronounce their new "ThinQ" smart appliance line "thin-cue" instead of "think." We kid, we kid (sort of). The appliances themselves are noteworthy, in that they talk to each other more proactively than we have previously seen on other smart home appliances.

Also of interest this early in the show: all the tech we have seen designed to assist the elderly and disabled. And, of course, in addition to all of the above, we have also seen our fair share of TVs: big, rollable and all very expensive, we are sure. As ever, some are more practical than others, and some are not at all close to coming to market. Find all that in more in our quickie day-zero recap.


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