Deepframe brings augmented reality to a huge screen

From Engadget - January 10, 2018

Realfiction has been delivering limited holographs to stores for years, but Dyrholm sees Deepframe as a huge step beyond that. It's something museum guides could use to interact with digital objects and characters, giving attendees a size comparison between them and a giraffe, for example. In stores, customers could use the display to interact with expensive or hard to find items. As one example, Realfiction created a demo for a car company that does not have showfloor space for actual cars. Instead, customers can use Deepframe to take a look at new vehicles, and even customize them in AR with a mobile app.

I also briefly went behind the scenes to turn myself into a Deepframe hologram. For the most part, I was surprised by how simple the company's setup was. In the room next to the display, there was a Canon DSLR capturing video and pushingit through a gaming laptop, which then processed it into AR imagery. A small webcam in front of the Deepframe itself let me see who was watching the screen, and I was able to chat with them through a microphone. A small remote let me turn my holographic AR stream on and off, and also make the velociraptor appear beside it.


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