Artgasm turns the female orgasm into a literal work of art

From Engadget - January 11, 2018

The Lioness vibrator has force sensors on the dildo end, which detects pelvic floor (and wall) contractions. That's one of the best ways to identify orgasms, according to Lioness founder Liz Klinger. There's also a sensor that recognizes when a session starts by measuring body temperature, which tends to rise as people get aroused. Like most rabbit vibrators, the Lioness also has a clitoral vibrator in the middle, which pulses in three adjustable speeds. The device also houses an accelerometer and gyroscope to track its motion.

This data is usually displayed in the free Lioness app on a chart, showing waves cresting and falling as the pelvic floor moves. But for this exhibit, Klinger, who has a background in art and visualization, found a way to animate a climax. The three pieces here depict different women who orgasm in different ways -- whether it's someone who builds slowly and then has an intense release, or a person who climaxes quickly but not as deeply.

Each piece in Artgasm shows the pelvic floor contractions, represented by a circle in the middle that expands and contracts. The dots in the background represent the vibration intensity -- the more dots there are the stronger the vibration, while the rings surrounding the inner circle show how the vibrator itself is moving. When the person is climaxing, the background flashes different colors.


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