'Detective Pikachu' game's US debut set for March 23rd

From Engadget - January 12, 2018

In a sense, an international release was inevitable.If the Ryan Reynolds-starring Detective Pikachu live-action movie is going to premiere outside of Japan in May 2019, it's going to need a fan base eager to see that movie.And besides, there's still clearly an audience for Pokmon games.The developers would be leaving money on the table if Detective Pikachu did not get a wider release.

As it stands, the game wo not be alone.Nintendo has unveiled plans to launch a Pikachu Edition New 2DS XL in at least the US on January 26th.Shell out $160 and you will get Nintendo's latest handheld in Pikachu's signature yellow, complete with the electric critter's smiling face on the lid.You will even have a 'new' game to play -- Nintendo is re-releasing a 3DS-native, wireless multiplayer version of the Game Boy Color title Pokmon Crystal the same day for $10.


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