TiVo sues Comcast again over alleged patent infringement

From Engadget - January 14, 2018

In November, the International Trade Commission ruled that Comcast had violated two of TiVo's patents and ordered an import ban on X1 boxes that violated those patents. Comcast wound up disabling certain features that infringed on TiVo's intellectual property and is in the process of appealing that ruling.

As people move more towards on-demand viewing and cord-cutting, TiVo's products are becoming less and less relevant. Rovi was known to be litigious before it bought TiVo, and the company appears to be turning to lawsuits in order to keep ahold of the money it brings in through licensing rights. TiVo's goal with these latest lawsuits is to push Comcast to reup an over-a-decade-long licensing agreement it had with TiVo that expired in 2016.


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