Microsoft taps 'Minecraft' leader to run its game studios

From Engadget - January 17, 2018

Microsoft knows its list of Xbox-exclusive games leaves something to be desired, and it's committing more resources to that area.Booty's new role helps create a unified leadership structure that theoretically helps the studios move more quickly and produce more of those desirable titles.The role covers mobile and PC titles by extension, so it wo not be shocking if there are more coordinated multi-platform releases at the same time.

There's no certainty that Microsoft will enjoy a renaissance, and you probably wo not see the results of this executive shuffle for quite some time.Should it work as promised, though, it could lead to faster turnaround times for games and more projects.That wo not solve all of the Xbox One's library problems, as one of Microsoft's biggest challenges is convincing others to create Xbox-only titles.It might, however, reduce the company's dependence on third parties.


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