Verizon's lower-cost unlimited plan now works in Canada and Mexico

From Engadget - January 21, 2018

The big catch: you ca not use more than 512MB of LTE data per day, with speeds throttling to 2G after that. That's fine for Instagram photos or checking your email, but you wo not be watching TV shows on your trip to Cancun. Also, if more than half of your calling, texting or data is in Canada or Mexico during a 60-day period, you might see those international features "removed or limited." This is not for travelers who regularly spend their time outside of the US.

In a sense, Verizon is keeping up with the Joneses. T-Mobile offers free roaming in Canada and Mexico on its base One plan, for instance -- it just imposes a 5GB monthly cap instead of daily restrictions. Nonetheless, it's good to see one more carrier that no longer demands a premium just because you have crossed the border.


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