DARPA turns drone ship development over to the Navy

From Engadget - February 1, 2018

Defense contractor Leidos started building Sea Hunter in 2014. DARPA then conducted speed tests in April 2016, christening the 132-foot self-driving ship "Sea Hunter" within the same month. The drone has the ability to hunt foreign-owned stealthy submarines, China and Russia are known for having big submarine fleets, in US waters -- hence, the name. However, it was not designed to equip weapons.

In DARPA's announcement, is said Sea Hunter could become a "new class of vehicle" under the Navy. The military division plans to conduct more testing in order to develop automat[ed] payload and sensor data processing, new mission-specific autonomous behaviors and autonomous coordination for multiple Sea Hunters. If the Navy wants to deploy a fleet of submarine-hunting drones, it needs to be able to add those capabilities to Sea Hunter's features, especially the last one.

DARPA (@DARPA) January 31, 2018


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