Alexa will stay calm during Amazon's Super Bowl ad

From Engadget - February 2, 2018

The company does not go into to too much detail about what the fingerprinting involves, but it stems from a command filtering patent.For the Super Bowl ad and other promos where Amazon already knows what's coming, Amazon will send fingerprints in advance so Alexa can compare input and ignore requests from ads.In situations where Amazon ca not predict what will happen (such as a TV segment), it uses dynamic fingerprinting that looks for many simultaneous activations based on the same audio.This wo not catch every false request, but it typically stops "80 to 90 percent" of devices from responding.Let's put it this way -- a funny incident should not devolve into national chaos.

Amazon has another technique where it can send an inaudible signal in the 3kHz to 6kHz range to stop Alexa from responding, although that does not appear to be in use here.


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