The Morning After: Cloverfield returns

The Morning After: Cloverfield returns
From Engadget - February 5, 2018

Day-and-date announce and release is a new wrinkle.Netflix surprise released 'The Cloverfield Paradox' worldwide after Super Bowl LII

Last year, Netflix's Super Bowl ad focused on a season of Stranger Things we still had months to wait for, but this year things are different. The streaming company dropped a surprise 30-second teaser for The Cloverfield Paradox, a sequel to the 2008 monster movie, which became available for viewing worldwide right after the game. The Paramount/J.J. Abrams flick had been planned for a theatrical release this weekend, but this agreement with Netflix reportedly made the $45-million movie "immediately profitable." And you can watch it, well, right now.

Say hello to S Mode.
Microsoft to drop Windows 10 S as a stand-alone product

Both Thurrott and Neowin have discovered that Microsoft is dropping Windows 10 S as a stand-alone product for everyday users in favor of S Mode, which is already available for the enterprise crowd. The cost of unlocking full access would depend on what you are running: Windows 10 Home S users could unlock to the regular Home release for free, while those using Windows 10 Pro S would pay $49.

Good luck with that.
SpaceX confirms it will try to land all of Falcon Heavy's boosters

Elon Musk's outfit has confirmed it will attempt to land all three boosters on Falcon Heavy's launch, which is now slated for a 2.5-hour window starting at 1:30PM Eastern on February 6th. As expected, the two side boosters will come back to the on-ground landing zones at Cape Canaveral, while the center booster should land on a drone ship off the coast.

Over $200 million minimum -- and a lot of luck.
Here's what it would take to make Overwatch's 'Blizzard World' IRL

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