Tinder is launching a new location-based feature set this year

Tinder is launching a new location-based feature set this year
From TechCrunch - February 7, 2018

Tinder will launch a series of new features based on location in 2018, its parent company Match Group revealed during this weeks Q4 2017 earnings. The dating app maker has been fairly vague on what these new features will entail, having only described them previously as something that will blur the distinction between digital and real-life dating, and dating and simply engaging in your social life.

This hints at further efforts at expanding Tinder into more of social network for young singles, rather than an app whose sole focus is on creating relationships.

Tinder has also said before that its plans around location had the potential to bring in a new audience, as they expand the definition of dating. That could imply the company is thinking about how Tinder could be used to simply help people make new connections, including those that may only turn into friendships, not dates.

The company has also said the location-based feature set will include releases where each new feature builds on top of the prior one, but hasnt offered any details around how they will work.

While Tinder today lets you scout for matches by distance from you, or set your location to a different city through the paid feature, Tinder Passport, users have often requested enhancements like sorting matches by location or visualizing matches on an in-app map.

Alternately, other dating apps have leveraged users location for missed connections type features, as with the app Happn. Match Groups own namesake app,, even rolled out its own take on missed connectionsback in January 2017.

In its case, the feature doesnt show a users real-time location or precise last location, for privacy purposes. Instead, it shows users at intersections that are within one block of a past location. And other users can only view this location data for a few hours, for safetys sake.

Tinder wont say if its planning something similar, though it seems that some sort of toggle for temporarily sharing a live location may make sense for those who want to use the app when theyre out and about, and looking to meet people. This is something people already do in the app as something of a hack by setting their distance settings to under a mileas surely Tinder knows.

Theres also definitely room for the app to better connect people who are on Tinder with the same goals. Tinders description of the new location features say they take user intent in mind, so potentially some ability to either display or filter out certain types of matches could come into play.


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