Facebook's Quill tool now lets you animate VR

From Engadget - February 8, 2018

Quill was used to create the Emmy-nominated Dear Angelica, and with the animation tools released today, Facebook says that production times can be significantly shorter than when traditional 3D animation software is used. In tests of the new tools, artist Goro Fujita completed his animated short film Beyond the Fence in only three weeks.

Facebook says there's more in store for Quill. "We are working on many more Quill updates and features, including the ability to discover and watch animated Quill stories in Facebook Spaces with friends," it said. "Today's Quill animation tools are one step toward that future as they empower artists to push the boundaries of VR-native storytellingto invent a new kind of narrative that's not just compellingly watchable, but fully immersive and perfect to be shared together."


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