Snapchat brings Snap Map to the web

From Engadget - February 12, 2018

Snapchat says it's bringing Snap Map to the web in order to give everyone a look into events going on around them. The in-app version has allowed users to see what's going on in places outside of where they live and has become a tool for discovery and engagement during breaking news events, according to the company. In that regard, the web version of Snap Map can be embedded into other websites and Snapchat says it hopes the map will become a resource for media outlets. However, giving everyone a peek at what Snapchat offers could entice more people to sign up, which is also surely at play here.

This is one of the rare instances where Snapchat seems to be following the lead of other social platforms instead of the other way around. Instagram has brought more and more of its features to the web, while Snapchat is just getting started. Last month, for example, Snapchat began allowing users to share certain Stories outside of the app.


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