'Assassin's Creed Origins' virtual tours can actually teach history

From Engadget - February 13, 2018

The tours point out how things like the developer's rendering of the city of Alexandria, with its wide streets and grid structure, is rooted in historical research. Some of the lessons also show where Ubisoft's more fantastical storytelling diverges from reality, like how they chose to include a secret tomb in the Sphinx, something that's long been rumored among actual historians. While wandering around Egypt, you can also participate in what the locals are doing. If you stand next to a breadmaker, for example, your character goes through the entire process of preparing dough and baking tiny triangular loafs.

Owners of Origins will get the Discovery Tour for free on February 20th, but it's also going to be available as a $20 standalone title. The latter option should be useful for schools and libraries, since it wo not include any of the violent parts of the full game. Still, the title Assassin's Creed might be a turnoff for some educators. But Ubisoft has plenty of reasons to think it can help teach history, based on feedback from the series' fans, as well as its own research.


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