Magic Leap's AR headsets will start at around $1,000

From Engadget - February 13, 2018

Magic Leap headsets will apparently come in different sizes and different price points to be able to cater to as many people as possible. Abovitz said the cheapest version will cost you as much as a high-end smartphone -- he did not clarify which, but did not object when the iPhone X (priced at $1,000) was brought up. The most expensive variant will set you back as much as a high-end PC, but do not worry: that's not the one that's coming out in 2018. Apparently, the Creator Edition launching this year will be somewhere around the middle of the price range.

Once the first Magic Leap becomes available, you will be able to watch classic NBA games or highlights from the ongoing series on the headset. Live games wo not be available at first, but it's not because the parties involved do not want to give you access. It sounds like they are looking forward to making that happen: NBA SVP Jeff Marsilio said that the hope is to enable "[live] streaming on your coffee table as though you were a giant looking into the arena from above."


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