Samsung Notebook 9 Pen review: Solid stylus, so many compromises

From Engadget - February 15, 2018

Once I managed to free the pen, things started looking up pretty quickly. If you have used a Galaxy Note within the past few years, Samsung's Air Command interface will look pretty familiar -- once you remove the pen, a panel slides onto the screen to offer shortcuts for note taking, doodling on top of screenshots, and extending your desktop across other displays you want to hook up. You are also able to use the S Pen to capture areas of the screen and turn them into GIFs. It's easily the most fun addition to the mix, and I will admit to using it much, much more than I expected. And as always, if you need to access the Air Command control panel, a quick click on the S Pen's button does the trick. Though, the Pen has to be within millimeters of the screen.

While the S Pen seems to lack the precision of something like Microsoft's active Surface pen, it's perfectly suited for jotting down notes and quick sketches, be they in OneNote or Samsung's own Notes app. It was also surprisingly solid for editing photos and whipping up images in Photoshop. More importantly, the pen itself is passive and never requires a charge. I am liable to ditch accessories entirely once they become even a little inconvenient, but the S Pen is always there and ready to be used. That goes a long way in my book.



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