How Bias Effects Game of the Year Winners

How Bias Effects Game of the Year Winners
From N4G - February 17, 2018
roadkillers1d 8h ago

After seeing Journey win Game of the Year and Undertale win Best Game of All Time, there really is no outright winner. I always say my favorite game of all time is Conker's Bad Fur Day, but honestly that may be blinded by Nostalgia because I have not played that game since the re-release on Xbox. If I played it now, I would probably think it is immature.

There's a battle in my heart. I really enjoy want games that do not get recognition to win. Yet, I will cheer for Red Dead Redemption even-though it has won every award it could. It's telling the developers that put their heart into the game to keep trying and it showing people who the best are.

My List:
2000: Pokemon Gold/Silver
2001:Grand Theft Auto 3
2002: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance
2003: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
2004: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
2005: Resident Evil 4
2006: Guitar Hero 2
2007: Call of Duty 4
2008: Grand Theft Auto IV
2009: Demon Souls
2010: Red Dead Redemption
2011: Portal 2
2012: Max Payne 3
2013: Last of Us
2014: South Park Stick of Truth
2015: Undertale
2016: Uncharted 4
2017: Fortnite
2018: Have not played any yet, but SotC Remake looks great.


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