FDA greenlights 23andMe's direct-to-consumer cancer risk test

From Engadget - March 6, 2018

23andMe had previously offered genetic health risk tests, but suspended them in order to get FDA approval. The agency had greenlit disease and deficiency-related health risk tests in 2017, and had streamlined its approval process later that same year.

The company is quick to warn that this test does not rule out cancer, and wo not diagnose you if you already have it. You will want to turn to health care providers if you are going to take any action, 23andMe said. And the cancer it's looking for is not very common. There's a 2 percent risk of it for Askhenazi Jewish women, but less than 0.1 percent for everyone else. It's the first approved test of its kind, however, and it hints at a future where those who are not willing to wait for formal screenings (or are denied access) can take action early enough to potentially prevent cancer.


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