'H1Z1' eSports league will stream solely on Facebook

From Engadget - March 8, 2018

Yes, you could argue that this is a shrewd move for a title that has been overshadowed as of late.According to Steamcharts, the game had an average of 7,162 active players on Steam as of February versus 1.39 million for PUBG.However, it also shows how the eSports industry is evolving.This is the first time a game developer (Daybreak) and an independent league operator (Twin Galaxies) have worked together -- numerous other leagues are either fully independent or run by the studios themselves.That's leading to a unique governing structure with an independent commissioner, company representatives and team representation.Players also get a "bill of rights" and a concrete revenue model that makes clear how they will be paid.

It's likewise the first time a league has picked Las Vegas as its host city, which is notable given ongoing efforts to turn Vegas into an eSports hub.There's no certainty that other leagues will follow suit, but it would not be shocking if they watched the H1Z1 Pro League to see if it's worth establishing roots in the area.


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