Walmart says its grocery delivery will hit 100 new cities this year

From Engadget - March 14, 2018

Over the last couple of years, we have seen Amazon and Walmart clap back at each other quite a bit, testing out new ways to get their goods to customers more efficiently, more cheaply and more quickly. While Amazon has explored drive-up and automated grocery stores, Walmart has tested out automated grocery kiosks. Both have tried out letting couriers place delivery orders inside customers' houses. And while Walmart has played with having employees deliver your packages on their way home from work as well as sending them through Uber and Lyft, Amazon recently launched free, two-hour Whole Foods delivery in some markets. Both are also now offering meal kits.

While Amazon works on expanding its Whole Foods delivery service, it scaled back its Amazon Fresh service at the end of last year. Meanwhile, Walmart bought an NYC startup last year so that it could start offering same-day deliveries in the city.


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