Facebook rewrites its data policy to make it easier to understand

From Engadget - April 4, 2018

For the next week, users can give feedback on both documents, after which Facebook will show finalized versions to all its users and ask them to agree to the terms. As for what's new here, Facebook outlined seven different categories, including new features and tools, personalization, what the company shares, advertising, device information, addressing harmful behavior, and how data is shared between Facebook and other companies it owns (like Oculus and WhatsApp).

While both of these documents are lengthy, they are a lot shorter than the usual terms of service you might encounter when signing up for a service -- they are also fairly easy to understand at a high level. Naturally, the data policy is quite in-depth, but it's worth spending the time reading to really understand exactly what Facebook can do with the information you share. If nothing else, it will help you figure out how to limit how much of your data the company can share with others.

Given how the Cambridge Analytica scandal unfolded, perhaps one of the most important sections to read is in the data policy where Facebook explain how third-party apps and services can gain access and share information about you:


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