Target brings same-day delivery of in-store purchases to five cities

From Engadget - April 16, 2018

Last year, Target bought two companies -- Grand Junction and Shipt -- to help get its same-day delivery ambitions up and running. After acquiring Shipt in December, Target said that it planned to offer same-day delivery services in the majority of its stores by the 2018 holiday season. The company has also been expanding the next-day delivery feature of its Prime Pantry-like Restock service. The pressure to offer fast delivery is one also felt by Walmart as both continue to compete with Amazon.

To take advantage of the same-day delivery option, just tell the cashier at checkout. The service should launch in the aforementioned cities by the end of the month and Target says it plans to offer same-day online deliveries through Shipt by the end of the year.


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