ZTE faces revived US export ban over false statements

From Engadget - April 16, 2018

The Commerce Department claimed that "all but one" of the ZTE staffers named in its letters got their full 2016 pay bonuses despite promises to the contrary, and that the expected letters of reprimand were not issued until March 2018 -- a month after officials asked for information. ZTE acknowledged that it had made false statements, but said it was taking corrective actions (including bonus cuts for 2017) in addition to an ongoing "internal investigation." American officials were not buying it, however. They saw this as the latest in a "pattern" of lying from ZTE, and that the company's confession was just an attempt to minimize the consequences of its actions.

The ban lasts until March 13th, 2025, and could have serious consequences for ZTE's business. While it's a Chinese company, some of its products may depend on American parts. This wo not necessarily affect its phones as much as you'd expect (Qualcomm processors are typically manufactured outside of the US), but it may have to scramble to find alternatives to any component built within American borders.


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