Spotify lures away Apple Music's head of hip-hop programming

From Engadget - April 16, 2018

Chery is best known for securing Apple Music exclusives from Chance the Rapper, including the Grammy-winning album Coloring Book.He can also take credit for helping to break artists like Cardi B, Post Malone and Khalid.Combine that with his oversight of key A-List playlists on Apple Music and it's evident that Chery is a tastemaker who can find relatively unknown artists and give them global recognition.

Given his history, there's a good chance he may oversee equivalent playlists at Spotify, including the influential RapCaviar.It also wo not be shocking if he presses for exclusives that would normally go Apple's way.Spotify needs whatever edge it can get to keep growing as a public company, and that's likely to involve recruiting the best talent the streaming music business has to offer.


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