Facebook class action lawsuit over facial recognition OK'd by judge

From Engadget - April 17, 2018

Judge Donato did not agree with Facebook's argument that the law does not apply to it, because its servers are not located in the state. He said the servers' geographic locations are not "a dispositive factor" in the case. The lawsuit was originally filed back in 2015 by users in Illinois, accusing the social network of violating a law in the state that prohibits the collection of biometric info.

According to Donato's decision, the class action will consist of users in the state "for whom Facebook created and stored a face template after June 7, 2011." That was when the company rolled out "Tag Suggestions," which recognizes and suggests people you can tag in photos. Not everyone who's had their photos uploaded on the website can be part of the complaint, but the class-action could still have millions of people in the plaintiff's camp. Facebook, however, "continue[s] to believe the case has no merit and" vows to "defend [itself] vigorously."


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